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Piddle Ridge Farms

Our Farm

Raising Idaho Pasture Pigs and Farm to Table Produce sustainably.

Our farm is located in Mosheim, TN, a small Appalachian valley town.  We take pride in raising animals sustainably through rotational grazing and natural practices.  Currently, we raise Idaho Pasture Pigs as breeding stock and feeders.  We also produce pastured eggs and raise farm fresh vegetables.  We have plans to add heritage breed turkeys, meat chickens, and bare root plants in the near future.  As our name states, “you never know what we will be piddling with.”

Our Story

Local Family Farm

When we first began our journey, raising produce was just a thing everyone did.  Growing up, I helped my grandmothers plant and preserve the garden and my husband grew up raising cows for meat.  In our area it was the norm to raise a garden and/or produce meat for the family.   Little did we know that I would develop food allergies that would force us to produce almost all foods on our property.  Raising a garden became a necessity.  Through our many failures and a few triumphs, we found a love and appreciation for the work. 

Look ahead fourteen years and we now call ourselves a farming family. Our children enjoy helping with the animals and plants.  Our niece and nephew help with the harvest and get canning lessons throughout the season. My husband has learned to shake his head at my ideas but, usually plays along.  All family members benefit from aspects of the farm.  Ultimately, we have learned that in God’s timing everything is perfect.

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